With a bunch of 5 – star ratings on Facebook and a „Certificate of Excellence“ on TripAdvisor, when going on this guided walk you can’t do wrong.

But why don’t you just convince yourself?

Free guided waling tour Nuremberg
Get a local experience


„Very good city tour, nice storys and also legends about Nürnberg. I would recommend it to everyone“

-Anke via TripAdvisor

„Great tour, greater guide! Dorian walked us through the most important areas of the city centre. It was very interesting knowing about the city, but it was even better because of the funny legends and stories of Nürnberg our guide told us along the way! 

Totally recommend!“

– Maria via Facebook

Vittorio nos ha hecho el tour más que ameno! Nos ha contado información muy interesante. El tour ha sido ameno, divertido y en ningún momento se nos ha hecho largo. Además nos ha ayudado mucho con algunas dudas que teníamos sobre la ciudad y ha demostrado tener muchísimos conocimientos. Hemos hecho ya más de 5 tours con esta empresa y estamos muy muy contentas!! 🙂 muchas gracias

– Marlene via TripAdvisor

Very interesting experience, very well organized. Milica was a fantastic tour guide and she is very nice! I really recommand this tour!

– Laura via Google

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  1. Great City walking Tour with a lot of Stories, anectodes and quizzes and the history of Nuremberg in Short all in the Right Planes of the Centers of Nuremberg with a lot of hints for Self explorations

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