Free english old-town Tour: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11.30 am.

Meeting point: „Schöner Brunnen“, Hauptmarkt (central market square)

Duration: 2.5 hours

guided walking tour Nuremberg
walking Tour scedule

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 A local guide brings you to main sights, secret places and best eat-outs of the franconian capital on a free old town tour in english! On this tour you will hear stories from the history of this thousand-year-old city. You’ll learn about the emperors of the middle ages, discover its renaissance richness and feel the strong contrast between the dark burden of the nazi-era and the modern multi-cultural times. One promise: It is the perfect mix of historical information, fun facts, practical tips and the opportunity to meet other travelers. Saturday tours include a lunch-break where you get the chance to try some franconian sausages, Sauerkraut or even beer. Our route offers you a mixture of famous sights, hidden alleys and everything in between. You will be viewing over the whole city’s panorama but as well discover the fascinating details!


Free guided walking tour Nuremberg
Free guided walking tour Nuremberg
St Sebald








Free guided walking tour Nuremberg
The Castle
Free guided walking tour Nuremberg
Tiergärtnertor square







Free guided walking tour Nuremberg
Street of human rights
Free guided walking tour Nuremberg
And more…









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  1. Great city tour ever! Our tour-guide was Milica, interesting, funny and clever girl. It was my first time in Nurnberg, and I liked to know this city better. Thank you for this opportunity!!)) Good luck!

    Gefällt mir

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