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LUNES 11.30 - Antiguo centro

MARTES 11.30 - Antiguo Centro

MIÉRCOLES 11.30 - Antiguo centro

JUEVES 11.30 - Antiguo Centro

VIERNES 11.30 - Antiguo Centro

SÁBADO 11.30 - Antiguo Centro

DOMINGO 11.30 - Antiguo Centro

Lugar de encuentro: „Schöner Brunnen“ , Hauptmarkt (plaza del mercado central) - Busca los paraguas blanco-verde!

Duración: 2.5 horas.

Un guía local te acompañará mientras recorréis los principales puntos del casco antiguo de la ciudad en este tour GRATIS en español. Se contarán historias de la milenaria Nuremberg y conocerás de primera mano sus rincones secretos así como sus leyendas. Aprenderás sobre los emperadores en la edad media, descubrirás su máximo esplendor en el renacimiento y sentirás el gran contraste entre un oscuro pasado nazi y los tiempos modernos donde diversas culturas se entrelazan. Solo te hacemos una promesa: Es la perfecta combinación de información histórica, datos curiosos, consejos útiles Y la oportunidad de conocer a otros viajeros como tú. Todos los tours son gratis! Las propinas son por supuesto bienvenidas.


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SAMSTAG 11.30 - Altstadtführung

Treffpunkt: „Schöner Brunnen“, Hauptmarkt, Nürnberg. Halte einfach Ausschau nach unseren grün-weißen Regenschirmen!

Dauer: 2.5 Stunden

Unsere Route führt uns zu den wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten und an versteckte Orte und ist gespickt mit den kulinarischen Verführungen der fränkischen Hauptstadt. Wir werden Sagen und Legenden über mächtige Kaiser des Mittelalters und den Reichtum der Renaissance ebenso kennen lernen wie den starken Kontrast zwischen der schweren Bürde der Nazi-Vergangenheit und den modernen, multikulturellen Zeiten Nürnbergs. Die Tour ist ein perfekter Mix aus historischer Information, interessanten Fakten, praktischen Tips und der Möglichkeit, andere Reisende kennen zu lernen.  Bei einer kleinen Mittagspause haben wir die Möglichkeit, Nürnberger Bratwürste, Sauerkraut oder lokales Bier zu probieren.  Für eine „Free Tour“ muss man nichts bezahlen. Wenn Dir gefallen hat, was Du erlebt hast, freuen wir uns über Trinkgeld am Ende der Tour. So bezahlst Du nur für das, was Du wirklich bekommst.


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MONDAY 11.30 - Old town

TUESDAY 11.30 - Old town

WEDNESDAY 11.30 - Old town

THURSDAY 11.30 - Old town

FRIDAY 11.30 - Old town

SATURDAY 11.30 - Old town

SUNDAY 11.30 - Old town

Meeting point: „Schöner Brunnen“, Hauptmarkt (central market square) - look for the white and green umbellas!

Duration: 2.5 hours

On our way through Nuremberg’s old-town we'll discover about the stories and legends of this thousand-year-old city. You will learn about the emperors of the Middle Ages, discover its richness from the Renaissance and feel the strong contrast between the dark burden of the nazi-era and the modern multi-cultural times. The tour is the perfect mix of historical information, interesting facts, practical tips and the opportunity to meet other travelers. Saturday tours include a lunch break where you will have the opportunity to try some franconian sausages, Sauerkraut or beer. You don’t have to pay anything for a free tour. If you enjoyed what you have experienced, a tip is welcome by the end of a tour . This concept ensures that you only pay for what you really get! 


You don’t have time, while one of the free tours takes place or you travel to Nuremberg with special wishes about what you want to do and see while you stay here?  We offer private tours in English, German, Spanish, Portugese, Serbian and Italian! Prices are fixed per group but vary depending on the tour’s duration and are told on request. Contact us using this form and we will make a non-bidding offer for a private tour for you or your group, designed to fit your needs:

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Join the green original! Our experienced team of local guides is happy to share their love for their hometown with you! For more than three years now our regularly scheduled, guided group tour is the perfect way to get an overview to what this beautiful city is all about. It offers you an entertaining mix of history, stories, fun facts and useful alternative tips about Nuremberg. We’re easy to reach on a day trip from cities such as Munich, Passau, Bamberg, Würzburg or Regensburg – but it’s actually worth a whole journey on its own!

Duration is 2.5 hours – enough to get to know the highlights of the old town (Altstadt), its history of WW2, trials and the middle ages at the castle. Saturday tours include a culinary break. We’re not financially supported by any umbrella organization. At the end of each tour you’re most welcome to provide your guide with a tip.

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All our tours start at the „Schöner Brunnen“ – monument on Hauptmarkt (main market square) in Nuremberg, daily at 11.30am. You can just come by and join but it’s always a good idea to make a reservation in advance. To guarantee our high quality, we limit the group sizes to 25pax. You can recognize us by our green and white „Free Walking Tour“ signs, t-shirts and umbrellas as well as our friendly smiles 🙂 .

…and join us on a tour:

  • Hauptmarkt: Enjoying a 500 years old traditional spectacle together
  • Schöner Brunnen: Finding the miraculous wishing ring 
  • Emperors‘ Castle: Discovering a European centre of power
  • Tiergärtnertor-Platz: Having a beer at Nuremberg’s coziest square
  • Dürer: Getting to know the most popular Nurembergian ever
  • Trödelmarkt: Falling in love with a romantic Island
  • Schlemmereck: Having the „Drei im Weggla“- snack in a hidden alley
  • Street of human rights: Learning about the Nuremberg Trials
  • And much more…

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